Kelley Donovan & Dancers and teXtmoVes March 16th and 17th at The Dance Complex

Very excited to share this evening of work with my dear friend Karen Klein!

Tickets are on sale at

Kelley Donovan & Dancers present

Transitional State

With Guest Artist teXtmoVes

March 16-17 at 8pm

The Dance Complex, Julie Ince Thompson Theatre

536 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge

$20 Suggested Donation, $12 for Student/Seniors

Call (617) 388-3247 for information.

Transitional State will have its Boston premiere The Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Friday-Saturday at 8pm March 16-17, 2018 at 8pm.

Phases, a duet for longtime friends and dancers Karen Klein and Kelley Donovan, depicts movement and performance at different times in one’s life.

teXtmoVes founded by Karen Klein, works in the interdisciplinary intersection between spoken word and movement, exploring their boundaries and connections. It is the goal of this collective to bring intergenerational performance works which integrate dance and poetry to diverse audiences.

Don’t Break the Circle, a new production by teXtmoVes, choreographed to a poem by Klein about Yevgenia Lazerevna, a Russian woman soldier, a brigade leader captured by the Nazis in World War II and sent with her female troops to Ravensbruck. Her heroism allowed them to survive. Nearly forgotten by history, Lazerevna is remembered in this work performed by 6 dancers.

Transitional State attempts to describe, through a nonlinear narrative, characters overwhelmed by life transitions leading to a state of emotional unraveling, expressed through the movement and laughter. Through mercurial weight shifts we will explore how these sudden shifts, optimistically force us to adapt.

Community is a meditative modern dance piece that reminds us that we, as community, are safe and and strong in our tender openness to each other. Set to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, we can slow down, shed our anxieties and be enveloped by the warmth and safety of human connection. Community is commissioned by Boston Moving Arts Productions a new organization which provides a wide range of production assistance for the dance community. Every project aims to create the most intriguing value to the general Boston community while providing the highest rates paid to artists.  BMAP is providing rehearsal and performance pay for a group of seven Boston based dancers for this project.

The company’s work has been chosen among the best of the year by The Boston Globe, The New York Times, among others. The New York Times wrote “gorgeously fluid movement….vibrant, imaginative…with a rare feeling for stage space.”  Dance Magazine said “Tempering strength with vulnerability, she can turn sharp edges into soft corners with sensuous fluidity.”




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